Halal Royal Cosmetics

Cosmetics too need to be Halal

We understand that in Muslim society Halal and non-Halal products are distinguished between, thus allowing many people to select and purchase Halal products for religious reasons. Many people care if the foods they eat are Halal as they turn into blood and meat after being consumed orally and then digested. In the same way cosmetics are important products to women as they wear them on a daily basis. We thus believe that “Cosmetics too need to be Halal”.

Components of cosmetics

Did you know that materials prohibited by Islam are actually used when cosmetics are manufactured to far greater degree than you would probably imagine?
Many cosmetic products contain animal sourced components considered impure by Islam and/or alcohol, which is also prohibited by the same religion, but they are distributed all over the world. Before you know it you may have casually purchased a bottle of lotion at your local cosmetics shop that contains animal sourced components or a beautiful decorated bottle of lotion at top class department that actually has alcohol in it. And even if the cosmetic do not directly contain any impure-considered animal sourced components they are often used as a catalytic agent to extract the various components they are composed of.

The status quo of anxiety to Islamic women

Thanks to their nature Halal food can be recognized via either a visual examination or by reading the information on it. The characteristics of cosmetics, however, make it difficult to intuitively judge whether they are Halal or not. For example, you may never have imagined that a transparent liquid in a neatly decorated bottle could contain an animal sourced component, thus making highly possible for a Muslim woman who didn’t realize this fact to lapse into using non-Halal cosmetics without knowing it. How do you think she would feel if she somehow only noticed it after having used it?
The size of Halal food market is said to be around 600 billion dollars but the Halal cosmetic market has remained relatively small. There are very few cosmetic products available that Muslim women can use without concern. It is no exaggeration to say that even globally renowned cosmetics manufacturers do not produce cosmetics with the need for them to be Halal taken into due consideration.

Royal’s belief, research and development, and acquisition of Halal authorization

We constantly only manufacture cosmetics that provide absolute safety and peace of mind, with this philosophy being aimed at all our customers, regardless of their nationality or religion. Although the origin of the Japanese way of thinking differs to that of Muslims, years of research has taught us that components removed from animals such as pigs are not always necessarily safe to use. And indeed the fact that BSE issues and pandemic influenza originated in swine and fowls, respectively, proves that animal sourced components cannot be said to be consistently safe. We also know that alcohol can negatively affect the skin. Our 30 years of unique research and development has led to the development of Gold Cream, a testimony to our long history. And our pursuit of peace of mind and safety has now led us to achieve an even higher level of quality that has proved worthy of Halal authorization. Our wish is to “make absolute peace of mind and safety available from Japan”.